SMS Gateway software
Ozeki brings you outstanding
SMS Gateway technology. Use our SMS Server products on Windows,Linux, or Android

Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

SMPP SMS Gateway
SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities

How to check if my webserver is down and send an SMS if not

Having more supervision over your system means less down-time in case of an error and easier maintenance. To have a system that send notifications in case of a predetermined event, use the Ozeki Alarm software. It is an easy to use and versatile system that can notify you through a chat service user. You will need to setup a new source of notifications to have a working alarm system. We provide every step you need to do that.

Figure 1 -

start alarm system
Figure 1 - Start Alarm System

log in to ozeki alarm sytem in desktop
Figure 2 - Log in to Ozeki Alarm Sytem in desktop

open alarm system app
Figure 3 - Open Alarm System app

install webserver offline source
Figure 4 - Install Webserver offline source

configure webserver offline
Figure 5 - Configure Webserver Offline

add new route
Figure 6 - Add new route

configure recipient address
Figure 7 - Configure recipient address

enable logging on mobile connection
Figure 8 - Enable logging on mobile connection

send report when webserver down
Figure 9 - Send report when webserver down

alarm sent as sms
Figure 10 - Alarm sent as SMS