The Ozeki Alarm System will improve your all in all awareness with the important aspects of your life. Whether it is your IT system, or your home security, the alarm system will send notifications to your phone or email address. It can notify you in case of server failure, internet outages, low disk spaces, system overload or IT attacks, or you can connect it to your home security setup to interact with smoke detectors, motion sensors. It even has APIs, so you will be able to send alerts using HTTP, creating SQL database records or sending e-mails.

login window
Figure 1 - The login window

alarm system
Figure 2 - The alarm system icon

Figure 3 - The channels button

install notification channel
Figure 4 - Notification channels

routes button
Figure 5 - Routes button

Figure 6 - The routes

sources button
Figure 7 - Sources

alarm source
Figure 8 - The alarm sources