Ozeki Alarm Manual

Quick Start Guide - Alarm System

Alarm System Requirements

Ozeki Alarm System features


Installation guide

Alarm system user guide

Introduction to Ozeki Alarm
How to connect your alarm to the mobile network
Send contact ID alert customized
Phone line error detection with email alert
Send SMS if power is lost
How to send a Contact ID alert
How to receive a Contact ID alert
How to forward Contact ID alerts to E-mail
How to send Contact ID alerts in SMS or E-mail

Developers guide

HTTP alarm
SMPP Connection Configuration
Configure routes
Connection Alert
Chat account
Manual alert for Gmail users
How to send test e-mail message from Alarm gmail client via Gmail

It infrastructure monitoring and alerts

Check if my webserver is down and send an SMS if not
Webserver down E-mail
Webserver down alert
How do I check if my email server is down
Email server contact ID
Check if server is down using ping and send an SMS if not
Ping make VoIP call
Ping down E-mail


Contact ID Message Format